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Animari Education

Bringing life to learning.

Total writing for these informal writing assignments ranges from five to eight pages. The instructor will not critique these responses as to the quality of writing, but rather to the quality of critical thought the student displays.

This course is designed to take 12-14 weeks, but the student can complete the coursework at whatever speed s/he desires. Ideally each section is completed within a time span of no longer than 1 week.
Course reading and writing assignments cultivate critical thinking skills. Students complete a total of six-eight pages of formal essay writing and five-eight pages of shorter essay questions.
Along with your course purchase, you’ll receive informational sheets on Essay Writing Basics, Common Grammatical Errors, Tips on Strong Writing, Suggestions for Writing Resources, and Further Reading Suggestions.

Themes surveyed include:
    Transition from Mythic Consciousness to         The Industrial Era
    Subjugation of Nature
    Depletion of Waters
    Climate Change
    Extinction Crisis
    Contrasting Cultural Perceptions   
      • Western vs. Indigenous view of where            nature is
      • Anthropocentrism
      • Seventh Generation
      • Honorable Harvest


     Environmental Justice


     Global Youth-led Climate Strikes

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     the Lens of Environmental


 Writing is central to this course. Through the lens of environmental studies, students develop and strengthen basic writing skills.

Over 200 pages of readings, five audio talks, and 11 videos are compiled for students by writers and leaders at the forefront of the environmental movement including: Robin Moss Kimmerer, David Abram, Elizabeth Kolbert, Thomas Berry, Sandra Postel, Theodore Roszac, Sigurd Olson, Jane Goodall, Greta Thunberg, Sherri Mitchell, Jane Goodall, and Bill McKibben.
Students write two essays, three-four pages in length, exploring course materials and readings. Separate instructions are provided for each essay. The instructor provides detailed feedback on structure, language, and overall writing quality.

Shorter essay questions offer students the chance to develop critical thinking on course readings and material. In these shorter writing exercises, students can write creatively and less formally, as in journal writing, and draw upon their own experiences, backgrounds, and ideas.

Writing Through The Lens Of The Environment

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Animari | än´-eh-mar-ee | From Latin “to give life to”

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