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Courses combine audio, video, and multimedia

components with key ideas and readings. Reading and

writingassignments help students hone critical thinking about

how we relate to and live with nature readings. Reading and

writing assignments help students hone critical thinking abouthow

we relate  to and live with nature.

Innovative writing prompts for time outdoors in

natural areas allow students to engage with course

material in creative, imaginative ways.


Students receive personalized,

constructive feedback and support on

writing assignments.


Along with your course purchase,

you’ll receive informational sheets

on Essay Writing Basics,

Common Grammatical Errors,

Tips on Strong Writing, Suggestions

for Writing Resources,and

Suggested Reading.


Contact me to bring my courses

to your school.

For more writing support visit

The English Tutor

Hybrid-program coming soon. Sign up for updates on this and other programs and courses.

For upper level high school students (homeschooled or traditional classrooms), students on gap years, students in early college years, or people who want to learn more about the natural world and environmental issues.

Writing well is a critical skill for success in almost every field. Students will develop and strengthen basic writing and essay writing skills.

We will consider the ideas and writings of some of the most important and influential thinkers and writers in the

fields of environmental studies and literature of nature.

Animari Education

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Bringing life to learning.

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Animari | än´-eh-mar-ee | From Latin “to give life to”

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